Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tutorial- Diamond Pattern Card

You will need-

  • Bone folder
  • Scoring tool
  • Fiskars Cutter/ Ruler
  • Square card blank


1. Emboss the square card from corner to corner using the bone folder first, then use the scoring tool along the same line and go across the card several times making sure the line is heavily indented. DSC_0006

DSC_0011 2.Next line up your score line with the edge of the blue ruler and score again using the bone folder first and then the scoring tool.DSC_0013 3. Continue to line up the score line and emboss the next one until you have this.DSC_00174. Turn the card blank around and start to emboss the lines as before.DSC_0023

5. Continue until you have thisDSC_0026 6. Now emboss a line from corner to corner

DSC_0029 7. Once again emboss each line by lining up the previous line with the blue ruler until you have thisDSC_0033 8. Turn the card as before and continue scoring lines until you have thisDSC_0037Now your ready to embellish your card as you want. Below this post is a finished sample.


ScrappyJess said...

very pretty! Would make a really nice wedding card!

jbcck said...

Hi Sammy, thanks for the tutorial, it is very easy to follow, and a lot quicker that I expected it would be to do. You are very tallented.