Sunday, 3 February 2008

Tutorial to create Stencil for Brads

I decorated this bag with help from Cricut Design Studio by creating a template here is a picture of my finished project which I used a JML Gem Styler on. To download the cut file for the template click here.
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This is my first tutorial so I hope you find it easy to use. This template could be used for doing brads or eyelets. First to create your template, choose the size and shape you want mine is the star from George.

Then set the size to 1 inch and chose a circle.

Then make it smaller to a size you feel happy with and move into place so that it plus sign that marks the centre is lined up with the point of the star.

Continue with this till all the points are marked with circles.

Now you need to get rid of the star. So click on it and delete it. You should now be let with something that is similar to the image bellow.
It is now ready to cut out. Here is an image of my stencil, which I cut out of plastic on the multi cut feature.

Then place the template over your project and use it as a guide of where to put your brads.

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